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Angel kisses
softly frolic in frigid air
and settles upon frozen earth
as children scamper trying to
catch them on their tongues;
instead, they land on misty eyelashes
blending with tears that form
a healing balm that gently brush
cherry-red cheeks
in mid-winter chill.

Frozen naked branches reach out
to capture a frosty kiss
as it flutters haphazardly about
in a carefree aerial cotillion;
some caress out-stretched limbs
with crystal radiant smiles
reflecting in the sun rays;
others are wind blown
in fields where lovers lay,
creating snowangels.

they colonize for the night;
alight upon rooftops,
mailboxes and windowsills,
cradling the wintry world
with a white blanket of tenderness,
as the country sleeps comfortably
beneath showers of winter kisses;
God's peaceful gift.