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Tomorrow brings a new day, a day of sweet sunshine
The glow of morning splendor, framed in emerald vines
Lacy blossoms tinged with pink, hanging branches rich and thick
Country lanes that wind toward a mountain, rich with beauty.

Warmth against your skin, running in the wind
Raindrops falling from a sky, the color of the sea
Bubbling brooks cascading, down a mountain top
Delivering the forest, with its dewy covered drops.

The harvest fills the countryside and leaves a fragrant smell
The beauty of Autumn, leaving memories to tell
Leaves are scattered in the breeze, blending colors easily
Listening for winter, to cloak the naked trees.

Another time, another place, a frosty valley clad in lace
Snowflakes touch the roof tops and blend with ivory snow
Gleaming lights that sparkle and cast a warming glow
Delivering the winter, sprinkling stardust in the snow.

The seasons flow like water, soft against the dawn
Adorned in all its beauty and nature's golden song
Tinged with sorrow, touched with joy
A melody of beauty, for all to enjoy.