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Surrounded in beauty as I walk through the forest
Hearing the leaves rustle with each step that I take
The sound of the water rushing in the distance
Beckoning to me to come see its splendor.

Walking deeper into the woods
Mesmorized by the sounds
I find my self in front of the falls
The spray of the water hitting my face
as it rushes past me down deeper into the woods.

Off in the distance a sight has caught my eye
A Buck and his family has stopped for a moment
Watching me as I too stand there in awe of their beauty
They do not move , nor do I
But they continue to bask in the splendor of it all.

I take leave as silently as I have come
Heading back home knowing that the woods will always be there
For me to lose myself within as they are nestled behind my home
Giving me an open invitation to visit once again.