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Currently retired, for many years I was employed in a job that allowed me the privelege to help veterans. Earlier, I was a carpenter until a fall ended that career in March, 1987. During a long recovery, I touched my first computer and fell in love. Many hours a day are now spent caressing my keyboard and the thrill of seeing something I've created is as fresh today as it was the first time it happened.

I am also a husband and father. Amber, my partner since March 15, 1968, works in the Directors office of the Missouri Department of Social Services. I'm very proud of Amber and her achievements.

We had four children, Dawn, Rodney (Shawn), Jerrod and Jason; a toy Pomeranian, a Dachshund and a cat that thinks it is a dog. The children are all grown now and have blessed us with grandchildren. We lost Jason, our youngest and not a day passes without missing him.

When we have time, Amber and I like to travel. It's not often enough! Our most satisfying and relaxing trip was one we took to the North Shore of Lake Superior. We enjoy staying in a cabin on the shore and, There is so much history and beauty in this nation it is mind-boggling!

Most of our lives have been spent in Missouri. I grew up in the small town of Miller after Dad's wanderlust ebbed when I was in the fourth grade. Prior to that, I spent my childhood on "Route 66" between Missouri and the West Coast. We spent many years following the harvest! Amber was raised in Lockwood. Both are small towns in the Southwest corner of Missouri.

Amber's dad was my Junior High Sunday School Teacher, and it seems that she and I have known and loved one another since childhood. We grew up together although we never dated until I finished a stint in the Air Force in 1966. She'd grown up while I was gone. I think I'm one of the fortunate ones who married their best friend. We're still best friends after all these years.

We lived for about nine years in Watsonville, California (The Monterey Bay area) and learned to love the grandeur of the mountains, the splendor of Yosemite, the awesome agelessness of the redwoods, and the eternal power of the Pacific Ocean. Those sights and memories all have a place on my "Scenery" page.

I've tried to incorporate things into "The Missouri Traveler" that I've found will help individuals. My "State Pages" page is a resource for those needing information about a specific state or needing to know how to contact a state agency. Every state has a Department dedicated to Tourism or natural resources. Their pages usually have beautiful scenery photographs promoting the state.

Since I am a veteran, I have created my "Veterans" page to meet specific needs of that population. Others might enjoy a visit to the White House, The U. S. Senate or The House of Representatives. Everyone should enjoy the World War II Memoirs of William Paull.

If you are looking for a job in Kansas City, check out the "Kansas City Jobs" page for a long list of Kansas City Metro employers listing job openings on their sites.

I hope you enjoy your visit to "The Missouri Traveler." Stay as long as you want, look into all the little nooks and crannies, and bookmark this site for future visits. While you are here, please take a moment to send me a message.