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Spacer Fairy Forest Image

Half a human world away
Long before once upon a time
Faeries would spend the live-long day
Romping o'er the countryside sublime.
But, bit by bit, the human came
Encroaching on their fairy ground
And faeries could not play the same
With mortals lumbering all around
The faeries soon flet sore displaced.
They had no other place to go
The couldn't get rid of the human race
What would they do? They didn't know.
And so the Faery Council met
for several days and then some hours
Deciding that the surest bet
Was to make their homes amoung the flowers
Eacy faery chose it's own sweet bloom
So that flower and faery together
Make magic, music and sweet perfume
And sunshine whatever the weather.
Come enter the garden of magical pleasure
Where faeries frolic and flowers sway
To the music of the windchimes, come at your leisure
A treasure of magic beckons you-stay!
Sunbeems and Moonbeems will show you the way.