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Magical Meeting

She landed on a flower, the petals wet with dew.
The sun hadn't reached this place in her early morning view.
The leaves were rich with color, the flowers violet tinged with pink
And there upon her flower stood a lady bug so quaint.

She knew in a moment, that she had stumbled on a jewel
For ladybugs were rarely seen on mornings that were cool.
This one was covered in a bright frock of blue
And on her back she carried wings, hidden out of view.

Her wings quivered with excitement and a blush spread across her cheeks
As the ladybug extended her hand and curtsied at her feet.
It took only a moment, as a smile crept across her face
To realize all the stories she'd heard had indeed not been a waste.

A soft, cool morning breeze swept by
And swirled the fallen petals
As the ladybug and the fairy
Had a magical meeting in the meadow