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Nights of Winter

I Had Gazed out the Window
Of a World Turned Grey
Where Trees Took Shapes
Of Troubled Men
Thinly Frozen Water
Bouncing Low Rays of Sunlight
Skimming Across to No Place

Chimneys Billowing Smoky Dust
Rising into Dark Colored Skies
As Though Speaking
To a Dreary Night-scape
Cutting Winds Chilling Air
Sun Awaiting to Rise Again

No Songbirds Here
Scavenging for What Little They May
Feathers Frilled
Nesting among Naked Shrubs
Little Do They Know
Of Stern Relentless Fate
The Earth Is Left Tired . . . and Cold

Whistling Winds Weary and Brief
The Ghostly Sounds of Winters Sleep
Long Casting Shadows
Laying upon the Souls of Man
As We Curse These Days
Like Days of War
Leaving Us to Wonder and Think

Soon this Will Pass I Know
Blight of Snow and Ice will Melt
Birds Rebuilding Nests to Nurture
While Blooming Color Awaits a Thaw
Such Power of Spring Bringing New Life
Blue Sky Openings as Day Grows Long

Winter Gloom Brings Springtime Song