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I sat by a raging sea today,
and I heard its angry roar.
I felt the burning seafoam spray
as the waves crashed to the shore.
I watched them rush, raised fast and high,
borne by a raging wind,
And then I saw them crash and die
as another wave stormed in.
Storms raged within as they raged without,
and I remembered another day
When I felt the anguish within me burn as
the winds tossed me about.
And I felt the fear within me grow
as I drifted in and out,
I remembered the longed for peace I found
as a Savior brought me to solid ground
And felt a warmth within me grow
though the storm still raged around.
Ah, the warmth I felt and the joy again
as he gave me rest from the storm within.

I watched a drift-log toss about
on the current that ruled its plight.
I watched it drifting in, then out,
then slowly drift from sight.
I pondered what that log was now
and what it used to be.
Once strong and tall, but now somehow,
just flotsam on the sea.
And I thought of the man who walks each day,
alone in a life so like the sea.
Caught in the current that guides his way
and drifting like that tree.
Not knowing or caring that somewhere near
is a friend who can help him face
Life's crashing waves and not know fear
as he finds New Hope in the Savior's grace.
A friend to touch his stormy life
and bring an end to the endless strife,
And give him roots in the ground again
as he gives him peace from the storm within.

Then as the storm began to die
and the sea calmed from gray to blue,
The sun began to shine and I
saw life from a different view.
For there among the rocks
I saw an urchin holding tight.
And I began to think in awe
of how he'd weathered through the night.
Buffeted, Yes! And tossed about,
but clinging all night through
Til the storm passed and wore itself out
and life began anew.
How like that night this life we live,
amidst each raging storm!
That urchin's me and the strength He'll give
if I cling to God's strong form.
Then I walked away with a peace I'd found
when the savior placed me on solid ground.
Ah, the warmth I felt and the joy again
as he gave me peace from the storm within.

Rodney Henry